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ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~
(formerly the American Society
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MEMBERS, PLEASE NOTE:  Most meetings are the 3rd Friday - not every month. Local ASIS Cleveland events and some related regional events are the focus here. Included below are events that are already past and may include a description of that event - scroll down.















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MEETINGS:  "...information and security perspectives
 you won't get anywhere else..." 


Scroll down below for FUTURE events, meeting details, etc., and details of past meetings

ASIS Global


9-23 to 9-27 ASIS Seminars and Exhibits - NOW ASIS Global Security Exchange


Local dues-paid, ASIS Cleveland Chapter Members are eligible to win an "All Access Pass" to The ASIS 64th Annual Seminar & Exhibits, September 23 - 27, Las Vegas

   Cleveland Chapter members - You could WIN!

Estimated Registration Fee, ALL ACCESS PASS is $1,095.00  


                Your All Access Pass includes:

  • All education sessions in classrooms and on the expo floor

  • All four keynote addresses

  • Access to the Exhibit Hall on three days

  • Lunch on all four days

  • Ticket to the Opening Night Celebration on Sunday, and President's Reception

  • ASIS Happy Hour 


Participate and Contribute to Win:  By participating, attending local meetings, and significantly helping the chapter to grow and prosper in various ways, a FREE ACCESS PASS, worth about $1,095.00, to ASIS Global Security Exchange (Exhibits and Seminars) in Las Vegas could be yours. The Cleveland Officers will award one to one member. Other awards are under discussion. And even if you don’t win the big one, you’ll win by participating!

NOTE:   NOT INCLUDED in the Pass:  air fare, lodging


FRIDAY, January 19, 2018 MEETING,

Jan SPEAKER & TOPIC:  Meet and talk with...
Rob Shuster                                              

Rob Shuster 
Vice President of Protective Services and Training


"Essential Best Practices for Workplace Violence Prevention and Management"

  • Introduction and objectives

  • Critical Mistakes that Organizations Make

  • Human Resources and Security- must work together

  • Developing Workplace Violence Policy – reasonable foreseeability

  • Defining Workplace Violence – categories of potential workplace violence

  • Employee Training - behavioral warning signs

  • Case Management Team - establish one and use them

  • Developing High Risk Termination Protocols

  • Third Party Assistance May Be Required

  • Proactive Measures and Response - preparation

  • Developing Specific Active Shooter Response Plans

  • Documentation of the Case Management Process



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"...information and security perspectives you won't get anywhere else..."


TOM LEKANTom Lekan speaking...

Questions that got answered...

  1. What does it take to defend your guards (In-house or Contract) in litigation?
  2. What is asked mostly in discovery about your guards or guard company?
  3. What do plaintiffs attorneys and expert witnesses focus on about your guards? 



Thomas J. Lekan, CPP
Security Consultant and Expert Witness

Security Guard Expert

     Background, credentials, Tom Lekan:  Tom Lekan

”Liability and Security Guards: 
Contract or In-house"

If you have security guards protecting your premises, or you are a security guard company, armed guards or not, or private police, this meeting was for you..”
Above, right:  Tom makes point after point on how to avoid liability with case examples.


"I'm so glad I attended this meeting. Great information. I'm going to review all post orders and other documentation."

"Informative, factual, and entertaining. He so obviously knows his stuff."


security guard meeting





"...information and security perspectives you won't get anywhere else..."

Meet Marvin Cross, Sr., CPP  BIO: 
Presentation on and discussion of:

“Security for High Profile Individuals and Organizations”

 Executive Security Group, Inc. (formerly Security Director, the Cavaliers)
an ASIS Cleveland member, is the featured speaker

Oct meeting photo

Members and guest listen carefully to Marvin Cross' interesting, informative talk.


Oct meeting photo

L to R:  Peter Lucic, Reg. VP; Marvin Cross, Speaker; Ray Heintel, Chair



Downloadable file on Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment


Paul Hugenberg, Info GPS

InfoGPS provides single use (Audit) and continuous software as a service solution (Monitoring) that finds sensitive non-structured data (for instance, account numbers and data that have been downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet) and then allows the user to determine if they need to better protect the data, delete it, move it, etc. Many data breaches have an origin in this unstructured data as the transactional, enterprise systems and their data is usually pretty well secured.

Paul Hugenberg, Info GPS






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ASIS Cleveland Chapter, logo, Security Professionals, Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio

ASIS Cleveland Chapter

~ Advancing Security in Northeast Ohio ~
(formerly American Society for Industrial Security)

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